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a journey of sisterhood, self love & acceptance


This is us reclaiming our narrative. Where stories being told by women of color, feature women of color. We are not the stereotypes depicted by the media. We are everyday goddesses. We invoke the divine feminine. Our energy is pure. Our hearts are filled with light. Join us on this visual journey of sisterhood, self-love and acceptance. 

UPDATE: Efflorescence will soon be expanding to produce more stories featuring women of color and we'd love to have you on our team. Click the button below for a chance to work with us! 



a photo series exploring black girl magik

For Women Who Smoke

Working with the talented Cee Smith we've decided to team up and tell the story of women of color who smoke. Portraying women in non-sexualized roles while partaking in cannabis is important and the images we've created positively reflect that. If you're an artist, plant lover, activist, business owner or just have a dope vibe we want to hear from you. The project is open to everyone across the diaspora and gender spectrum. Queer, trans, straight we want you to be a part of this project.

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